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Walya IbexSemen Mountain National Park Birding in Ethiopia

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Footprint Ethiopia Tours

Better value than a bus or fly-drive, Footprint Ethiopia’s style of travel offers more inclusions, more adventure and more fun.
> So what's included?

Historic Route

Ethiopian's wealth history encompasses legend and tradition, mystery and fact, from a powerful and religious ancient civilization.
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Cultural Route
Ethiopia provides a mix of cultures and traditions that ranges between the modern and sophisticated lives of the cities to the most untouched and authentic African..

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Natural Attractions
The natural tourist attractions in Ethiopia include Bird Watching, National Parks, Danakil Depression,Sof Omar Cave and the Great Rift Valley.
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Trekking in Ethiopia

To walk through the age-old agrarian landscape of the Ethiopian Highlands following escarpments with birds of prey soaring in the thermals and Gelada baboon scrambling up and down the cliff face.

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Filming and Photography

Are you planning to film in Ethiopia?  Footprints Ethiopia Tour and travel can help you with your pre-production location research at the click of a button.

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White Rafting Tours
Reckoned by enthusiasts to be one of the Africa’s premier’s location for white water rafting, the rivers early fury takes it through gorges ....

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Mountain Cycling
Ethiopia is a highly mountainous country making her suitable for mountain biking. More than 70% of Africa's mountains are found in Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia Birding Tour

Due to its high diversity of eco-systems with different habitat, Ethiopia has some of the richest bird life in the horn of Africa with more than 863 species registered so far

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 Ethiopia National Parks

Ethiopia has been very forward-looking in its provision of national park areas and there are at present nine national parks and three sanctuaries within the country that have been designated as protected...
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Ethiopian Festivals Tour
The strong religious setting, celebrations and festivals play an important part in every ones daily life. Church ceremonies are a major feature of Ethiopian life.
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Sof-Umar Caves
Sof Omar Cave is the longest cave in Ethiopia and the longest system of caves in Africa; that ranks as the 2nd longest in the World.

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Top 10 Tours

Historical Tour

10 days |on Flight & Surface
> Historic Route

Cultural Tour

11 days | on surface ( 4 by 4)
> Omo Valley Tribal tour

Historical and Cultural Tour

15 days | On Flight & Surface (4 by 4)
> Historical and Cultural tour

Semien Mountain Trek Tour

9 days | On Flight & Surface (4 by 4)
> Semien Mountain Trekking

Bale Mountain Trek Tour

8 days | On Surface (4 by 4)
> Bale Mountain Trekking Tour

Birding Tour

11 days | On Surface (4 by 4)
> Birding tour

Afar Danakil Depression Tour

10 days | On Surface & Flight
> Danakil Depression tour

Ethiopian Festival Tour

10 days | On Surface & Flight
> Festivals Tours

Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela and Tigray

10 days | On Surface & Flight
> Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela and Tigray

Historical Cultural & Danakil Depression

25 days | On Surface & Flight
> Historical Cultural & Danakil Depression Tour

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